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Guidelines for a New Year

I’ve spent the last year learning hard lessons and getting my creative house in order. 2021 was a slow and painful but hopeful process of taking steps to honor myself and my work, to exit negative situations, and to learn to recognize hurtful patterns before I get stuck in them again. To that end, I’ve … Continue reading

LUCA and the Missing Stakes

As lovers of all things Italy, we naturally couldn’t wait to see the new Disney Pixar animated feature, Luca, set in a fictionalized version of Cinque Terre’s Riomaggiore on the Ligurian coast. The film is a sort of updated mash-up of The Little Mermaid and Splash, only in this case romance is replaced by childhood friendships and the sea … Continue reading

The Central Line: Giri/Haji

One of my favorite concepts we discuss in our rewrite workshops is the central line. I challenge writers to find a line of dialog in their script that reveals who the protagonist is. Sometimes they are surprised to discover these lines in their work because, in avoiding on-the-nose dialog, they didn’t set out to write … Continue reading


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