Music Video

laurels NYLA

An out-of-this-world love story for Persephone Godwin (Director)


A fun little rocker with Alastair Greene (Co-Director)

A day in the desert yields our most visually stunning video yet for Erik Norlander’s Unearthly (Producer, Director)

An epic piano and space odyssey for Erik Norlander’s The Galaxy Collectors (Producer, Director)

A love letter to SLO from musician Ted Wulfers (Co-Producer/Director)

A lovely example of our desert shoot with Dave Kerzner, this is a projection that runs behind the artist while this song is performed live. (Producer, Co-Director)

More from our desert and studio shoots with Dave Kerzner (Producer, Co-Director)

An epic shoot for an epic Dave Kerzner song (Producer, Co-Director – Desert Footage)

An enchanted fairy tale with Persephone Godwin (Writer, Director, Producer)

The first of many things we have in the works with Dave Kerzner (Producer)

Our second Ted Wulfers video (Producer, Director)

Our fourth Rocket Scientists video (Producer)

Our third Rocket Scientists video (Producer, Director)

A second video for Rocket Scientists (Producer, Director)

Rocket Scientists (Producer, Director)

Ted Wulfers (Producer, Director)

Days Between Stations featuring Colin Moulding of XTC (Writer, Producer, Director)

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