Plates in the Air

I recently left the day job to make the transition to creative work full time – stepping into the void, working without a net. It was scary but so far it’s been immensely rewarding. Like a cosmic nod from the universe, projects have suddenly bubbled up all over. I’m thrilled and often just as surprised by this bountiful new path as my friends here in the trenches with me. Sometimes I see an eye glaze over, a mouth twitch down and I’m reminded of that weird truth among many creatives: we hate it when our friends are successful (is success having a lot to do?). I’ve started censoring myself with my writer friends, reserving my exuberant verbal litany for friends outside ‘The Business.’

And here it is: since the start of summer, I’ve completed a music video (see reel) and been asked to do a second for the very pleased band. I’ve shot another band’s video and am nearly locked on that edit. I’ve re-written and submitted a script for the TV pilot whose treatment placed in the top 50 of a contest (see previous post). I’ve pitched, structured, outlined, and written two drafts of two different features for a production company and have been told one or the other will be in production by November. I’ve helped run a writing retreat in Italy and been treated to the work of some wonderful new writers. I’ve shot the pilot for a new reality show, outlined a season’s worth of others and am gearing up to shoot more in September. Whew!

My brother-in-law visited last week and I dragged him along on a work day:
10am – voice over session for reality show
12pm – pitch meeting for new band video
2pm – shooting b-roll for reality show
5pm – editing current music video

Of course I’ve done none of that alone or without vast amounts of support, guidance and love. I’ll talk about that in my next post. Meanwhile, a great person once told me to find a challenge worth my life. I think I’m doing it and it’s a blast.

About heidihornbacher

A graduate of UCLA’s screenwriting program, Heidi has written numerous features, treatments, and TV pilots for various independent producers. She’s judged for the Slamdance Film Festival screenwriting contest and co-founded the Slamdance Script Clinic. She and her husband founded PageCraft Writing in 2008 offering script coaching and writing retreats in LA and Italy. Her clients have gone on to find representation, win contests, and become working writers. Heidi has written, directed, and produced numerous commercials, music videos, and electronic press kits for various artists. She’s currently making a documentary film about British artist Paul Whitehead.
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